User Stories | March 15, 2017

The Impact of Individualizing Observations in the ESL Kindergarten Classroom

Individualized Observation Transforming ESL Classrooms

by: Yvonne Post

New technologies are transforming the way we teach, deliver instruction, and learn in Northside ISD. This powerful tool allows teachers to be creative, provide engagement opportunities, and create endless learning possibilities. Delivering quality instruction and making learning fun is an important ingredient in any NISD classroom. ESL Kindergarten teacher, Stephanie Griego at Raba Elementary, is taking learning to a new level. She has been using the Swivl robot to record her lessons for personal reflection and growth as well as use the Swivl+ app to create engaging and interactive lessons with her students. The lesson I would like to highlight was about the food eaten at the Thanksgiving Feast. The Swivl+ app is ideal for the ESL classroom as it allows up to 4 small group conversations to be recorded at once as well as record the teacher during the lesson. The app provided the teacher individualized feedback for each group and the opportunity to hear each student’s voice. During the lesson the teacher was amazed at how engrossed her students were and how well the students took turns conversing about the foods. The excitement and engagement of all learners was contagious that day. New technologies are changing the face of classroom engagement and Mrs. Greigo’s ESL Kindergarten class is proof!

By individualizing observations, teachers can see and hear each of their students during small group activities. As Yvonne and her teachers have experienced, Swivl Pro+ is a powerful tool to measure authentic student engagement that’s not modified by the teacher’s presence, so they can observe student behavior when they can’t be physically present. If you are curious to learn more about individualized observations and Swivl Pro+, we encourage you to attend one of our weekly webinars.

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Yvonne Post is an Elementary Academic Technology Coach for Northside I.S.D. in San Antonio, Texas. Her goal is to encourage and facilitate 21st century teaching and learning by modeling best practices, providing meaningful staff development and supporting campus planning with teachers and administrators that will further the vision of enhancing student achievement and excellence through the use of technology. Yvonne currently supports 6 elementary campuses within her district.  Check out Yvonne’s website and Swivl Pioneer page, and follow her on Twitter