User Stories | June 22, 2017

Fall Preview #1: Dual-Camera Video Observations

Educators love using Swivl for video feedback to improve teaching skills. It’s perfect for tracking a teacher while recording high quality video and audio. But what about the students? Shouldn’t student interactions be a part of the video observation? Absolutely. That’s why the model for classroom video observations is moving towards Individualized Observations, where you can see and hear everyone in the classroom. We’re not just trying to get ahead of the trend, we’re defining it.

How can you measure a teacher's effectiveness without seeing their students?

The best video observations capture the teacher and the students. After all, we are trying to improve student learning and engagement. By adding a 2nd recording device, like an iPad, to your video observation you can observe how students respond to the teacher and how they interact with each other. Place the recording device to the side of the room or in front of a group of students to capture their facial reactions and emotions. Setup is fast and easy.

Dual-Camera recording is all about including student feedback.

Dual-Camera is just the beginning in making sure every student voice is heard and every face is seen in the classroom. Swivl Multi-Camera is the next step in fulfilling this ideal, learn more at

We want every principal, instructional coach, and teacher to have FREE access to Dual-Camera recording. So, we’ll be releasing the feature for free to all Swivl cloud users in the Fall. Stay tuned!

See how Swivl Pioneer Jeremy Shaw is using Multi-Camera in his district: Formative Assessment using Video Observations