User Stories | September 5, 2017

How to Cultivate Best Teaching Practices Using Video Observation

Teaching is both a science and an art, and an ever changing one at that. With each influx of students a whole generation of new minds are being fostered. But as every instructor knows, teaching is always a two-way street. People, and the culture that shapes them, are ever changing variables, and to be successful, teachers must adapt to change and evolve. To teach is to learn, and teachers are lifelong learners.

One of the most important means to creating best teaching practices is to instill a practice of self-reflection. But teachers, both new and experienced, don’t have to reflect upon their teaching alone. Not only can mentor teachers and administrators provide support, but instructional coaching has now become commonplace in schools. “Instructional coaches are onsite professional developers who work collaboratively with teachers, empowering them to incorporate research-based instructional methods into their classrooms” says Jim Knight. And the key to effective coaching is in the use of video observations.


A coach not only can help you spot the moment that you’ve lost your students attention, but with their skill and expertise, can offer you meaningful suggestions on how to improve your lesson so that every student remains engaged. Swivl makes it effortless to spot when and where changes need to be made, making the job of solving the “how” as effective as possible. The possibilities for coaching are simply endless.

With Swivl, and our library on Swivl Cloud, not only can you reflect on your own teaching style and discover areas for improvement, but you can also see how other teachers are teaching. Video-based learning teams within your school allow teachers to share best practices and pointers with their colleagues, and provide invaluable support for new faculty members.

You can also gain a more profound understanding of who your students are as people. With Swivl dual or multi-camera you are able to capture a comprehensive view of your classroom. You can see how students work together in peer-to-peer learning sessions and adjust the composition of your groupings to yield the most optimal outcome. With this unique view of your classroom, you are able to gain unparalleled insights into personalities, helping you to create a holistic view of each student. The best way to get to know every student is to make sure they are equally seen and heard. Teachers, both new and experienced, become empowered to make meaningful changes in the classroom with video observations. Swivl is key to unlocking a teacher’s best version of themselves.