User Stories | November 13, 2019

Swivl for Researchers

Swivl is the smartest and safest investment for research projects and data collection. Swivl’s components work so seamlessly (the robot, app, and platform are intrinsically connected) and you can be certain that Swivl’s AE 256-bit encryption and adherence to FERPA rules will keep your data secure. Because Swivl is already in 40,000 schools around the world, reducing implementation barriers for IT Administrators. Swivl is a turn-key solution requiring minimal training and setup.

Swivl is extremely beneficial for remote data collection. The Swivl robot is compact and compatible with a variety of mobile devices allowing you to collect data at a distance without disrupting the recording environment. For individualized observations or when working with younger populations of students, Swivl’s Multi-Camera and Multi-Audio capabilities with Speech Analysis create individualized observations that enable you to collect the best data possible in an unobtrusive environment for teachers and students.

For virtual coaching and mentoring, you will be able to track program participants’ progress with time-stamped annotations and Rubrics in our Swivl Teams platform. Our Administrator dashboard helps you stay on track and keep records of user and video analytics.

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