User Stories | November 13, 2019

Positive Video Recording Practices in Schools

We get it. Recording videos in the classroom can be stressful for students, teachers and parents alike. Swivl is here to help everyone become comfortable with video by offering some suggestions for creating positive recording environments

  1. Recruit Willing Teachers and Observers

Start your video program small by only asking willing teachers and observers to participate. Forcing recording in the classroom can create tension between you and your teachers and a negative environment for students.

  1. Share your privacy plans

The privacy of teachers and students is a top concern for us at Swivl and we're sure it is for you, too. Thoroughly investigate the privacy policies of your district, and be transparent about them with teachers, students, and parents. We have several sample permission and media release forms we can offer you if you don’t know where to start.

  1. Record with formative assessment in mind

Piloting a video program with summative assessment can be stressful for teachers. Record often using a formative assessment strategy and they will begin to identify their glows and growths earlier in their video journeys.

  1. Celebrate Teacher Participation

Recognize your teachers’ bravery by identifying ways to reward and celebrate them. Thank them for reinforcing the culture of video. Rewards needn’t be tangible - even providing extra opportunities for teachers to collaborate during regular school hours can be hugely rewarding for teachers who are strapped for time!

  1. Collect Feedback Often

Understanding how your teachers, students, and parents are feeling about video recording is critical to a successful video program.

The bottom line: If all else fails and you’re still having trouble getting started with Swivl, record yourself at every faculty meeting or PD session. Prove that video isn’t so scary after all!

Gather more positive recording practices from Harvard’s CEPR “Best Foot Forward” Project or reach out to us at:

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