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Swivl for Teacher Prep Programs and edTPA Video Submissions

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From micro-teaching to part-time field experience teaching in local K12 schools, video is an integral part of the teacher candidate’s experience. Swivl is the easy, effective, and sustainable solution you need to support, develop, and assess teaching candidates.

How can Swivl improve the edTPA video submission process?

The video submission for edTPA or PPAT can be challenging. There are many unexpected issues that students can encounter when recording. Swivl can help simplify the process.

Video Compression and Trimming

One of the requirements for edTPA and PPAT submissions is that the video needs to be a certain length, and in some cases a combination of different videos. With the Swivl Platform, you can trim your video immediately after your recording session, and merge videos together directly on our platform before downloading them for your use. You will also find that the video produced by the Swivl platform won’t exceed the 500mb limit because we handle the compression for you. 

Video trimming in Swivl Teams is fast and easy - trim on web or in the Swivl app

Poor Audio Quality

If you are using a tablet or phone to capture your video submission, audio quality will be poor, and in order for audio to be clear you have to maintain constant proximity to your device - which is simply not realistic in a typical classroom environment.. Even worse, the device may pick up a lot of unwanted background noise. With Swivl, you’ll obtain high quality audio with a personal microphone. You can also use multiple microphones to collect audio from your students as well!

Capturing Student Engagement and Classroom Environment

With a stationary recording device, you may have to place the camera at the back of the classroom, which won’t always provide reliable footage of you or your students. Using Swivl’s 360° tracking, you will be able to place your camera closer to your students, and not have to worry about missing anything in the classroom.

Not convinced? Listen to Shelby talk about Swivl, as well as her advice for creating a great edTPA video:

Colleges of Education Rely on Swivl

For professors and the university, Swivl reduces the need for in-person observations, saving time and fiscal resources. Use Swivl Teams to make your students’ edTPA preparation experience more efficient.

Leave Constructive Feedback on Student Videos

Video is holistic and unbiased and delivers authentic observations. Our online platform Swivl Teams allows professors to customize feedback from professors with time-stamped commenting and multiple Rubrics. Students and professors can even embed videos from Swivl into Canvas, Blackboard, or your preferred LMS.  

If you or your student teachers are recording for the first time, check out our positive video recording practices article for some tips on using video. 

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Rubrics can be customized specifically to your feedback framework

Data and Analytics

Swivl Teams is a great option for preparing your students to submit their edTPA videos. Keep track of your students’ progress by using the Administrator Dashboard. The Admin Dashboard gives you access to data and analytics on each student’s video uploads, comments, shares, Swivl robot usage, and more.


Swivl Teams Platform Administrator Dashboard

Colleges of Education Rely on Swivl

Organizing student teachers with user labels, creating unique sharing groups, and inviting multiple Administrative users for no additional cost make program management at even the largest Colleges of Education a non-issue. Colleges of Education all across the U.S. have chosen Swivl to build cost-effective and robust digitally mediated supervision programs that prepare student teachers for edTPA and their careers in education. Find Swivl in:

Texas Tech University, Louisiana Tech University, University of Texas at San Antonio, The College of New Jersey, Oklahoma State University, Towson University, Aquinas College, Georgia Southern University, University of Oregon, Purdue University, East Carolina State University, University of Miami and more! 

Contact us to learn more. 

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