C-Series Robot

Our award winning video automation Robot that follows you built with Multi-Microphone technology that lets you hear each individual student in class with ease.

How It Works In Class

Just hover over the highlighted sections to learn how the C Series robot works.

C Series Player

When a C Series video is uploaded to cloud, it breaks each audio channel out into tracks. Listen to them individually or all together to hear what each individual student is saying.

Inspire Teachers to Try

Not only does it follow you with expanded audio. But it also makes the idea of using video in class more approachable for teachers.

Three Models

The C Series comes in three models that vary the number of microphones included - C5, C3 and C1. It works with iOS or Android.  


Lift Achievement

C-Series technology is an integral part of the Swivl cloud platform. Swivl cloud has a range of tools for small and large teams of teachers to collaborate using individualized observations and lift achievement.

Get A Trial Evaluation

Have one of our customer success team members give you a guided tour of how to do Individualized Observations using our C-Series Robot and Swivl cloud.