Classroom Audio with C-Series

Broadcast your voice everywhere and listen to your students from across the room anytime with a C-Series Robot.
Multi-Purpose Jack
Plug your secondary markers into an inexpensive speaker and instantly broadcast your voice throughout a room. Plug a standard headset into the primary mic and listen to what each group of students are saying. Just select which one! The possibilities are endless.

Flexible Audio Network

How you can use C-Series to better connect with students in any classroom.

Evolving Capability

We've launched this functionality with basic features and plan to evolve rapidly. Want a feature we don't currently support? Send us an email at: Want to know how to activate and use this feature in C-Series Robots?

Speaker Options

Most standard speakers will work with C-Series. If you don’t have any, here are two speaker options we’ve evaluated in our labs that work great with Swivl for any application.

Speaker for the Markers

Ideal for small group layouts. Includes 3.5mm Male to Male Stereo Audio Cable.


USB speaker for the C Series robot

Just big enough that you'll only need one speaker so every student can hear. USB Stereo Speakers.


Need to Upgrade?

If you need to upgrade to C-Series or add markers to enable this capability, check it out on our online store.