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We interviewed Natalie June, a rising education leader in California, about her thoughts on Swivl: "as a Principal at Aspire Public Schools I started using Swivl with my teachers. We just fell in love with it...."
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Video Testimonials

Dr. Gary Bunn, Director of the Central Arkansas University Teaching and Learning Department, describes how Swivl’s ROI positively impacts his teacher field observation program.

See how Crestview Schools describe using Swivl to make progress.

Watch how Grand Valley State university uses Swivl for video observations.


“Swivl has provided us a great tool to track and explore teacher and student growth and their customer service has been incredibly impressive!”
Matthew D’Agostino Back of the Yards College Prep, IL
Swivl provides more opportunities for educators to inform and engage students. And for students, Swivl provides the comfort of face-to-face instruction when they need it and the flexibility of technology when they want it.”
Joe Childs Mitchell High School, SD
“Making an investment in Swivl robots allows for the utilization of enhanced supervision and feedback models than was previously available through outdated technology.”
Dr. David Allen Kansas State University, KS
“Our project is building the skills and confidence of early childhood educators to promote social and emotional learning and the inclusion of all children. Swivl helps our educators in rural areas capture and share the practices they are using with children with their coach. We love the annotation feature to encourage reflective questioning and provide positive feedback. Swivl supports our team to work together collaboratively even when they are far apart!”
Marilyn Armstrong The Grit Program, Canada
“Having the multi-camera ability to seamlessly synchronize audio and video, coupled with the functionality of being able to choose which audio, either from auxiliary cameras or beautiful rich audio from the markers are crucial to our research.”
Tito Ponce University of Illinois-Chicago, IL
“Swivl allows us to exponentially grow, which is our goal. In every feedback session the mindset is growth: I want to continue to be better, not just for myself but for the kids.”
Andrew Duininck Great Hearts Monte Vista, TX
“As a special education teacher who has students reflect on elements of their presentations such as body language and clarity of speech, Swivl allows my students to receive feedback immediately by reviewing their presentations. Swivl is helping our students develop 21st century learning skills that are essential for success.”
Kristina Holzweiss Bay Shore Middle School, NY
“We cannot see or hear everything. With Swivl, you have a much clearer picture of what your students are doing, and most importantly, what they are ‘getting.’
Keith George Alabama Department of Education
“Swivl is a powerful tool that allows teachers to be creative, provide engagement opportunities, and create endless learning possibilities.”
Yvonne Post Northside ISD, TX
“I am convinced that videos are productive tools to enhance teachers’ professional development and students’ achievement. The Swivl robot’s ability to navigate with the teacher’s movement makes it easy to get the full picture of what is happening in the classroom.”
Keysha McIntyre Fulton County Schools, GA
Our big goal is to help our teachers grow in their own learning throughout the district. Swivl not only meets this goal but it exceeds it and has been implemented in a variety of ways, not just for professional development.
Patrick Donovan Ames High School, IA
Swivl is a must for distance learning, and is a great way for instructors to develop good teaching habits.”
Kimitake Sato, Ph.D. East Tennessee State University, TN
The Swivl has revolutionized my teaching. It’s so easy to record one lesson, then play to all of your classes or assign for homework. My time is freed to help the students with problems as they occur. Students love the additional one-on-one interaction. I love the extra energy I have.”
Traci Kreppel Burlingame High School, CA

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