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We interviewed Natalie June, a rising education leader in California, about her thoughts on Swivl: "as a Principal at Aspire Public Schools I started using Swivl with my teachers. We just fell in love with it...."
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See how Crestview Schools describe using Swivl to make progress.
Watch how Grand Valley State university uses Swivl for video observations.


“My students get nervous and aware when I have to move the iPad to face them. That puts immediate focus and pressure on the individual student. With the wide-angle lens I don’t need to move the iPad and the kids forget that it’s there!”
Hope Porter, Teacher
“What a neat idea! The lens that converts into a multi-function stand is great for teleconferencing, watching videos and taking notes.”
Roger Bower, Instructional Coach
“My students love using the Expand Lens to capture group videos for special projects. The wide angle lens makes a huge difference.”
Sarah Rubin, Math and Science Teacher
“Swivl is a must for distance learning, and is a great way for instructors to develop good teaching habits.”
Kimitake Sato, Ph.D., Assistant Professor, East Tennessee State University
“I started using Swivl for students who missed lectures, but now I use it for everything. Being able to capture entire lessons for future instruction is invaluable.”
Christopher Tully, Career and Technical Education
“Swivl provides a unique way to access descriptive feedback in a safe and constructive manner.”
Eric Lehew, Executive Director, Poway Unified School District
“For the PhD students, it was a great way to review their own presentation skill.”
Kimitake Sato, Ph.D., Assistant Professor, Dept. of Exercise & Sport Sciences
“The Swivl has revolutionized my teaching.  It’s so easy to record one lesson, then play to all of your classes or assign for homework.  My time is freed to help the students with problems as they occur. Students love the additional one-on-one interaction. I love the extra energy I have.”
Traci Kreppel, Math Teacher, Burlingame High School
“The rotating feature of the base allows student teachers to place the camera in virtually any location in the classroom without having to worry whether they will be able to capture the video and audio. It allows the student teacher to move freely without worry.”
Student Teacher Supervisor, Pennsylvania State University


Educators are so passionate about Swivl that we've set up a formal partnership program to work with them. We call it the Pioneers program. Participate need to be outspoken, genuine advocates for our mission.

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