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Regional schools get education support from consultants, technology
Written by: Joshua Visser of The Daily Mining Gazette

IM Teachers Continue to Seek Innovation
Written by: Lizzie Pelzman of The Eye of the Tiger

Swivl følger og dokumenterer undervisningen i klassen
Written by: Per Roholt of SamfundsDesign



Swivl is Changing Teaching and Learning
Written by: Andrew Steinman

Put away e-devices in class? No way!
Written by: Toh Wen Li

Using the Swivl Robot to Enhance Lesson Observations
Written by: Will Fastiggi of Technology for Learners

Does This Swivl Make My Tendons Look Big?
Written by: Kathryn Davis of Teaching Channel

New campus technology implemented for lectures to be recorded and available online
Written by: Adreana Estigoy of Skyline College

Side-by-Side Comparisons of Classroom Video Capture Devices
Written by: Brent Hirata of Leeward Community College

New technology, changing pedagogies? Exploring the concept of remote teaching placement supervision
Written by: Helen Chilton and Wendy McCracken of University of Manchester


Written by: Tech Toolbox

Starting This Week, Socorro Students Get Help from Robots in the Classroom
Written by: KDBC CBS 4 News

District to Buy Swivl Robots
Written by: Emissourian

Need a Powerful Method of Reflection?
Written by: For the Love of Teaching

How a Robot, App, and the Cloud Are Bringing Video Learning into Classrooms
Written by: Daily Genius

7 Simple Tools for New Teachers to Learn
Written by: EdTechReview

2015’s Ed Tech Trends in Review
Written by: Edutopia

Langdon Area Schools Using Technology to Help Teachers
Written by: WDAZ

2 Technology Tools That Will Help Change Your Impact
Written by: Education Week

Mitchell Welch: About Teachscape and Swivl
Written by: Education News

Teachscape and Swivl Partner on Video-Based Professional Development
Written by: District Administration

Teachscape Partners with Swivl to Help Educators Capture Authentic Classroom Practices
Written by: Education Dive

Teachscape Partners with Swivl on Video Professional Development
Written by: THE Journal

Training Teachers for Deaf Children Gets a Robotic Helping Hand
Written by: The University of Manchester

How Embedded Technology Is Inspiring Student-Centered Learning
Written by: THE Journal

Swivl Adds Live Conferencing to Collaborative Cloud Platform
Written by: eSchool News

Swivl Announces Live Conferencing Addition to Collaborative Cloud Platform
Written by: Tech & Learning

New Swivl Function Lets Remote Students Control Robotic Telepresence
Written by: THE Journal

Cool Tools: Swivl – Not just Lecture Capture, Conversation Capture
Written by: Georgia State University

Navasota Instructional Coach Gains National Recognition
Written by: The Navasota Examiner

This Is Definitely the Droid I Have Been Looking For!
Written by: Mac-Guy-ver

Swivl on Over
Written by: Wilmington University Magazine

Engaging Students with Social Game Mechanics
Written by: Edutopia


Engaging Students with Social Game Mechanics
Written by: Edutopia

15 Uses for the Swivl
Written by: Cool Cat Teacher Blog

Sweeten the Learning Experience with Swivl
Written by: Shake Up Learning

A @GoSwivl Class Example
Written by: The Nerdy Teacher

Future Teachers Take on Technology
Written by:

Yes! @GoSwivl is Out of Beta with New Features
Written by: The Nerdy Teacher

Video Capture Device Swivl Exits Beta and Adds New Features
Written by: THE Journal

Swivl Wireless Video Exits Beta, Adds Features
Written by: Tech and Learning

Swivl Makes Flipping The Classroom More Natural See
Written by: Techfaster, Kyle

What is Swivl?
Written by: Serendip Studio, Emily M.

Swivl review: turn your iPhone into a personal cameraman
Written by: Daily Tekk

Robot and Swivl Cloud App
Written by: Tech and Learning, Frank Pilero

Epic BYOD Toolchest (51 Tools you can use now)
Written by: Edutopia, Vicki Davis

Life after crowdfunding
Written by: Techcrunch, John Biggs


From Russia with Robotics
Written by: Bloomberg, Ilya Khrennikov

Video robotics company Swivl raises $500K
Written by: VentureBeat, J. O’Dell

‘Personal cameraman’ Swivl gets $500k from Grishin Robotics to go big in education
Written by: GigaOm, Ki Mae Heussner


Swivl Launches Cloud Platform for Educators
Written by: Tech and Learning

Satarii turns to Kickstarter to perfect its newest Swivl
Written by: Venturebeat, Ricardo Bilton

Swivl returns…
Written by: TechCrunch, Ryan Lawler

Swivl pan-and-tilt platform makes room for iPads, dSLRs
Written by: CNET

Satarii launches Kickstarter campaign for new Swivl motion-tracking docks
Written by: Slashgear

Swivl announces two motion tracking docks with support for tablets and DSLRs
Written by: Engadget

Swivl on the Today Show with Al Roker and Katie Linendoll
Demonstrated by: Katie Linendoll

Swivl Turns your iPhone into a Self Tracking Cameraman
Written by: GigaOm

Top Ten Tech This Week
Written by: Mashable

Fly or Die: Swivl
Video by: Techcrunch

Satarii Swivl – 3.5/5.0 (hint: the iPhone 4s only got 4/5!)
Written by: PC Magazine

A Swiveling Dock for Shooting Hands-Free Smartphone Videos
Written by: All Things D

Swivl Review in The Succulent Wife
Written by: Audrey van Petegem, Senior Editor

Best of CES 2012 Laptop Magazine
Video by: Laptop Magazine

Lytro and Swivl are the Last Gadgets Standing at CES
Video by: PC Magazine

Best of CES Awards Announced
Written by: Videomaker

Vlogging made easy with Swivl Cam
Video by: Fox News

Sneak Peak of the Hottest New Gadgets
Video by: Fox News

Swivl Robotic Cameraman Keeps you Framed Up Wherever You Roam
Written by: Mashable

Hands-on: Swivl, With Which Your iPhone Becomes Your Cameraman
Video by: CNET

The Awesome Stuff @PMA (per me)
Written by: DIY Photography

Hands on with the Swivl: It’s following me
Written by: Laptop Magazine

The Swivl Auto-Tracking Camera Mount for iPhone is Here, And It Sure Is Sweet
Video by: The Next Web

CES 2012: Swivl Motion Tracking Stand….
Written by: MacRumors

Top 10 Tech This Week: CES Edition
Written by: Mashable

Hands on with The Scobleizer
Video by: Robert Scoble

Swivl puts your phone in a robotic, remote controlled tripod for $159 (hands-on pictures)
Written by: The Verge

Swivl intros companion iPhone app, we make sweet video with it
Written by: Engadget

Swivl motion-tracking dock available for pre-order
Written by: The Verge

Swivl Camera Stand Tracks Moving Targets
Written by: Wired

Swivl iPhone Mount Follows Your Movements
Written by: TUAW

Swivl A Motion Tracking Dock That Keeps Your Camera Pointed At You
Written by: PetaPixel

Swivl Keeps Your iPhone Focused On You
Written by: Technabob

Satarii intros Swivl photo dock for iPhone, iPod touch
Written by: iLounge

Drop, tuck, and roll: Swivl automated camera holder follows your movements anywhere
Written by: Digital Trends

This Auto-Tracking iPhone Mount Takes Stalking To A Whole New Level
Written by: Cult of Mac

Swivl Is the Camera Stand That Will Keep You in the Shot
Written by: PC World