Classroom Observations

Swivl is the observation solution for over 40,000 schools around the world.

Self Reflection

Teachers can focus the video recording on their students or on themselves. Then they can review the video, add personal notes at specific moments, switch audio channels to listen to different students, and summarize the main points to improve the next day.

Peer feedback

The next step after self reflection is peer feedback, either from a trusted colleague or within a PLC. Other teachers can provide contextual help and support using a custom Rubric based specific to the teacher who shared the video.


By collaborating over teacher recorded video, coaches can spend more time focused on coaching and less time traveling between classrooms.

Team Improvement

The unique combination of hardware and software in the classroom has proven essential for effective and sustainable video observation programs. Teachers own the recording process and get the support they need, coaches are much more efficient with their time, and Administrators get the access and oversight they need.

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Case Study

Read how Great Hearts Academy use Swivl to make observations efficient.

Additional K-12 Applications

Lecture Capture

Swivl follows the teacher for automated lecture capture.

Student Use
Record student projects for in-class presentations and evaluations.
Remote Learning

Distance learning for homebound or remote students.


Use Swivl to perform unbiased formative assessments for new or current teachers.

Exemplar Libraries

Identify exemplary videos to build a best practice library to share with new teachers.

Remote Observations

Remote Coaches provide in-ear feedback while watching video of the teacher.

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