Start With A Team

Research shows that teams are significantly more successful than single person trials.

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Create sustainable excellence in schools where teachers improve and support each other.

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Swivl Team Bundle

C Series Robot and Markers

Purchase enough Swivl C-Series robots per team so there is always a device available when needed.

Swivl Teams Platform

With Swivl Cloud Team account every participating teacher can create, share, and provide feedback.

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C5 - Complete Classroom

Five microphones allow you to gather better data for your observations by listening to individual students or student groups.

Includes: Base + Primary Marker + 4x Expansion Markers + Lightning and Micro-USB Android Cables + Carrying Case + Shims.

C3 - Teacher Coaching

Three microphones provide clear audio of the teacher and of a smaller group with the focus on the teacher driven interactions.

Includes: Base + Primary Marker + 2x Expansion Markers + Lightning and Micro-USB Android Cables + Carrying Case.

Single Teacher Starter Kit

Everything you need to get started with your personal Swivl evaluation. Comes with the C-3 robot, Floor Stand, Expand Lens Mini, and 1-year of Pro Team.

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Floor Stand
Helps you find unobstructed space in your room for smooth operation. Comes with built in cable management clips. 32″-63″ height.
Marker Pack
Get two additional markers for your C series robot with USB charger. Maximum 4 per robot. C Series compatible only.
Expand Lens Mini
Same professional quality wide-angle lens with a universal clip to fit any device.
Mount Anything Kit
Make Swivl compatible with any case. Handle large device cases and varying form factors, accompanied by an elastic security strap.
Type C Adapter with OTG
The adapter attaches to the Swivl Micro-USB cable to support connection to Android and iOS devices that require Micro-USB Type C.

Extended warranty for your C Series Robot from 1 yr to 2 yrs.



Swivl Teams

Pro Team

Join a Team or start your own with all the capabilities Swivl offers for fast and easy video collaboration.


Build a Team

Build a Team with teachers, coaches and administrators to create a secure and successful video program.


Have an old Swivl?