Swivl is a collaboration platform that leverages our individualized classroom observations technology to unite teacher collaboration and lift achievement.

Inspire Confidence with Video

Swivl is FERPA and COPPA compliant and made to give educators control and device flexibility over how they use video in class.

How It Helps

Make Self Reflection Relevant
Deepens teacher’s understanding of their students, not just themselves.
Leverage Collective Insight
Use teams to dialogue about observations to derive improved insights.
Improve Preparation
Connect lesson planning collaboration to observation insights to sharpen lesson plans.
Make Coaching Work
Mentors and administrators can focus on applied feedback, not just best practices.
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How It Works

Assemble Groups
Set up teams of teachers to collaborate by subject or experience. Add mentors and administrators for coaching.
Unite Collaboration
Feed individualized observations into groups to develop collective insights on students and better adapt instruction.
Build Momentum
Turn your observation initiatives into teacher driven movements that lift teacher skills and student achievement.

Individualized Observation Tools

A breakthrough new multi-camera software technology that lets you see and hear each individual student in class with ease.
C-Series Robot
Did you know the C-Series Robot helps you not only observe better, but also hear each individual student in class using multi-microphone technology?

Additional Platform Applications

Student Feedback
Give annotated feedback to students with a reflective element for reading, speaking and more.
Best Practices Libraries
Build searchable libraries of the best teaching practices in your school for everyone to learn from.
Student Teaching
Give Professors insight into remote classrooms and build a working dialogue with student teachers. Plus prep content for EdTPA.
Flipped Class
Upload, annotate and dialogue with students about any video content, not just your own. Upload content from any source.
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Get A Guided Tour

Have one of our customer success team members give you a guided tour of how to do Individualized Observations using our new Pro+ offering and C-Series Robots.