User Stories | August 23, 2016

Biology Teacher Uses a Simple Group Learning Observation Tool

How can a teacher get the most out of small group learning and truly understand the dynamics of group work in their class? With so many students to pay attention to, how can one take a close look at which students are struggling or where in the exercise things really clicked for a particular student? Swivl offers a new, easy way to set up a few extra pairs of eyes in the classroom and observe multiple student groups without skipping a beat.

Biology and Physics teacher from California, Josh Chan, recently tried out the new Swivl Expand Lens for iPads with his students. While many people are familiar with wide angle lens use in photography, the Swivl Expand Lens was specifically designed for the front-facing camera of an iPad to double the camera view for video capture. In addition to expanding the horizontal view, the lens expands the vertical view, which means teachers can actually see what the students are working on. “It is really cool to setup my iPad and record the whole table building circuits. You can see the circuits and the students working on them,” says Mr. Chan.

Equipped with a wide-angle lens that features an integrated stand, he is transforming the small group learning experience with valuable observational video. “I teach a lot of workshops and sometimes I don’t have the ability to have someone record those “aha” moments,” says Mr. Chan. Conveniently, with the Expand Lens, there’s no need to. It takes seconds to set up and works great with the Swivl app–a free app for capturing and safely sharing educational videos, that features convenient built-in tools for exchanging feedback–so you can record and observe without interfering with the learning process.