User Stories | April 10, 2017

Diving Deeper with Individualized Observations by Jen Crandall

I began using Swivl to record my lessons and to upload the video to share with an Intensive Intervention coach using Swivl cloud. Swivl cloud provides the opportunity to invite others to have chat conversations and leave feedback with a time stamp. The Swivl robot was easy to use in the classroom because all I had to do was turn on the device, wear the Marker (which is both a tracker and wireless microphone) on the lanyard, and hit the record button. The rest was easy. The Swivl’s ability to rotate 360 degrees while following the Marker allows the teacher to showcase student learning. The built-in microphone picks up the speaker’s voice clearly and the Swivl can even pair with extra microphones for additional teachers or for students.

Swivl Pro+ allows me to quickly add additional devices by using the app and entering a classroom code. Instantly I can video record the whole classroom and at the same time record multiple camera views of my students in their cooperative groups. In the classroom, I just push the record button on one tablet and all at once I can record up to five different views of the classroom with individual sound for each device. This powerful tool allows me to stop seeing from the corner of my eye to now observing every angle in the classroom. I can now target each individual child in the classroom with one video that provides multiple camera views. This is different from traditional observation because Swivl Pro+ gives me the opportunity to hear the students’ thinking process, watch their interaction with other students, and hear the students’ conversations and opinions as they arrive at an answer. I no longer have to quickly turn my head to see how “Johnny” is performing in the group. When I listen and watch the video discussions I can determine if they are on task, I can hear the deeper level conversations and watch student achievement.

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Jennifer Crandall is a sixth grade special education teacher at Kickemuit Middle School in Warren, RI. She has been working for the Bristol-Warren Regional School District for the last eighteen years. Her full-time role is to teach in the inclusion classroom for language arts and math and she also teaches two intensive intervention reading classes. In addition to her classroom teaching, Jennifer also is a Digital Learning Teacher (DLT) for the school district. Check out Jen’s Swivl Pioneer page, and follow her on Twitter