User Stories | September 10, 2018

Show your coach exactly what students see in class


Video coaching in education has come a long way since the days of a traditional camcorder mounted to an obstructive stand. Coaches have also learned how to mentor and support their teachers more holistically by promoting reflective practices and student-centered standards of observation.

Video has become so advanced that now you can use your mobile device with Swivl and set some microphones around a classroom to never miss a moment and hear every student. With multi-camera capabilities, you can see every student. What you still can’t hear or see very well is the teacher’s lesson. Until now.

It’s important for a coach to see the “whole picture” of a class, without interfering in the room. It requires seeing and hearing students, the teacher, and whatever materials they are presenting from their computer.

You could face one camera toward a whiteboard or projector screen, but the images and text on screen will be blurry and with new technologies such as interactive Smartboards, on-screen graphing calculators, and the inclusion of video-based content for students, you won’t really get to see the class the way students are able to live.

With the Swivl+ for Desktop both teachers and coaches will benefit from the high quality video and audio observations delivered by Swivl informed by the context of the lesson materials. Everything on the teacher’s desktop from powerpoint to doc-cameras to TedTalks will be recorded side-by-side with their Swivl video recording. Now with Swivl+ for Desktop, you’ll truly never miss a moment.