ECE Uses, Head Start Uses | November 22, 2019

Achieve C.L.A.S.S. Pre-K Success with Swivl


If your Head Start uses C.L.A.S.S. as its assessment method, Swivl’s tools are designed to provide evidence for each of CLASS’s three major competency areas:  Emotional Support, Classroom Organization, and Instructional Support. Because Swivl’s unique video solution captures everyday interactions between students and teachers, you can be sure you never miss moments that satisfy various CLASS criteria without disrupting the learning environment with excessive equipment or additional observers.

Even more, Swivl’s platform offers customizable feedback tools so you can simultaneously improve the quality of delivering actionable feedback to teachers while providing them with the support they need to be successful.

More and more Head Starts have been turning to Swivl to meet pressing needs for observation of both teacher and student development. Isn’t it time your program explored the use of video with Swivl?

With Swivl you can: 

  • Record all student and teacher interactions with up to five microphones to minimize distractions without excessive equipment
  • Enjoy 360° capture of classrooms with the ability to collect video from up to five auxiliary cameras for social emotional data collection
  • Bookmark using any microphone to elicit student responses and promote co-teaching collaboration
  • Create customizable Rubrics for time-stamped commenting that allows for specific feedback tied back to the CLASS tool

And Swivl is the safest tool to have in a classroom because we genuinely care about kids - our own and yours. Swivl’s platform is FERPA and COPPA compliant in the US and GDPR compliant EU. Video content is protected by AES-256 encryption and Swivl’s platform offers several sharing and access restriction options set and managed by your organization. There is no safer bet than Swivl. Give us a try!

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