General, Teams | August 7, 2020

Swivl Will Be There for You, Regardless of the Challenge

Uncharted Waters

Over the last few months, Swivl has watched the unfolding of a massive upheaval in the education system. Teachers and school leaders were thrown into the midst of an unpredictable situation, and with that came confusion and frustration. This is not to mention the impact the disruption was having on students. Swivl has a unique position in the industry, in which we are dedicated to educator development and success. So, we asked ourselves: how can we help? The answer is in better support initiatives so that we have a solid structure to provide educators with comprehensive solutions. We started to make an investment in our resources in order to better serve a community now in transition. So whether you are a Swivl native, a super newbie, or have found yourself in completely uncharted territory here, we believe that we can help you find a path forward. 

We know that best practices and methods of the past are being abandoned for new and untested territory. And it can be really scary when you have trained for years to tackle problems in the classroom and then don’t really have a classroom. It is clear that teachers not only need support for the issues they are facing right now, but that the educational system is positioned for an overhaul that will shape the way schools are run far into the future. We want Swivl to be the bridge between now and tomorrow. 

Our Expansion

The first step we have taken is growing our Customer Success team to provide the most comprehensive journey through the Swivl universe. In addition to bringing on more Customer Success Managers, we are building a brand new Training & Implementation team. As part of a wider expansion of the Customer Success experience, this special training team is dedicated to helping educators succeed while teaching during a pandemic, and making sure they know how to expertly use Swivl as a part of it. They will ensure you have everything you need to start Swivling so no one ever has to feel like they are navigating on their own. 

Swivl's Customer Success and Training Teams on their weekly Zoom sync!

Furthermore, we are offering more flexible hours of support across multiple platforms. You should feel assured that no matter where you are, and what your problems might be, and what method of communication you choose, there is a way for you to connect with a member of the Swivl Support team. If you receive our emails or pay attention to our social media, you’ve probably noticed that our support webinars have returned, now with more frequency than ever before. Our support team is expanding in order to cover more hours for calls and online chats, and our webinars are now presented 8 times a week. Anyone can drop in on a webinar to listen and increase their understanding of using Swivl for hybrid learning, or to bring specific questions to the table. 

Inspiration from Others

The world is now seeing that Swivl solves some important problems, namely revolutionizing blended learning, preparing for any situation, and bringing the in-class experience to virtual students. Our CEO, Brian Lamb, even spoke to Inc. Magazine at the end of July, discussing Swivl’s role in making sure teachers are fully-equipped to lead in the 21st-century classroom. But this is just the start. With our research and best-in-class support system, we’re focusing on transforming hybrid learning from being a constraint, to becoming the leading instructional methodology. We have always loved seeing how educators and coaches are using our technology to create opportunities for growth in their classrooms; now, we look forward to taking tremendous strides towards providing a dynamic virtual education model for every school. If you are discovering Swivl for the first time, we hope you can find inspiration in seeing how other institutions are implementing our tools to create a more inclusive hybrid environment.

Throughout the tornado of abrupt change, uncertainty, and friction we have all experienced since March, the next steps for Swivl can be best expressed by Brian’s recent call to educators everywhere: "Since hybrid classrooms are a completely new application, we will need to partner with teachers closely, observe their challenges, and be ready to respond quickly to their emergent needs."  In some way, we were already doing this. Need Zoom support? We got you. Need tips on how to do assessment within a hybrid classroom in addition to instruction? We can help. Want to incorporate audio prompts and announcements in a way that students can respond from anywhere? We have a tool for that. Essentially, wherever you are, whatever you need, however you need it, we are there for you.

Just give us a call, send us an email, drop us a line on chat.

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