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General, Multi-Marker, Swivl | October 18, 2019

Audio and Wireless Microphones

From the very first version of Swivl’s robot we realized how important clear audio is for our customers.  It is not enough to see what the teacher is doing, but it is also important to hear them and in most cases to hear student replies, questions, and conversations so that engagement can be observed and measured.  Most c...

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HE Uses, K-12 Uses, User Stories | October 15, 2019

Grant-led Swivl Initiatives

Measure your grant's success with Swivl There is never a shortage of funding requests for major initiatives to promote student achievement and professional development for faculty. Grant funding can truly change the landscape of any organization and provide incredible opportunities for Admins, teachers, and students alike...

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General, Product News, Security | September 23, 2019

Removing YouTube integration for your safety

Effective September 27, 2019 we are removing the “Export to YouTube” feature from the Swivl Teams platform. This is a feature that was added early in our platform based on a few customer requests. But after a long internal discussion and with support from key customers, we have decided to remove it. What motivated this de...

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General, Product News | August 27, 2019

Swivl is hit with new tariffs

Update 8/27/2019: On Friday, August 23rd, President Trump added new products to the China tariffs effective September 1.  Unfortunately Swivl products are included in this latest round.  We decided to absorb the increase for the month of September.  But we have to raise the prices on our hardware products effective October...

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General, K-12 Uses | February 5, 2019

Meeting ESSA’s evidence-based requirement with video

There has been a fundamental shift in education policy in the past decade - a “hands off” approach - encouraged by the Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA) which places more onus on state education agencies (SEAs) to implement accountability, school improvement, and professional development for teachers as the states see fit...

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K-12 Uses | September 10, 2018

Show your coach exactly what students see in class

  Video coaching in education has come a long way since the days of a traditional camcorder mounted to an obstructive stand. Coaches have also learned how to mentor and support their teachers more holistically by promoting reflective practices and student-centered standards of observation. Video has become so advanced...

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User Stories | April 25, 2018

Great Hearts Academies transforms PD with Swivl

We are GreatHearts Academies - a collection of non-profit public charter schools with an emphasis on classical liberal arts education. We have over 20 schools across Arizona and five in Texas with plans for further expansion. We hold tightly to the belief that the best education for the best is the best education for all and,...

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General, Product News | March 27, 2018

Swivl Speech Analysis

Do Students Talk Enough in Class? Most teachers don’t realize how much time they spend talking during a lesson. While some teachers rightly elevate and emphasize student voices and limit their own talk time, most are unaware of the real breakdown of talk time between teacher (TTT) and students (STT). That’s because it’s...

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General, Product News | February 2, 2018

Watch What Matters, Skip the Rest.

Swivl Smart Playback A typical NFL football game lasts over 3 hours, but if you add up only the time where the ball is in play, it’s only about 10 minutes of action. What a waste of time! The same can be true for any video - not every minute is worth watching. So, wouldn’t it be great if we could just skip the boring stuf...

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General, K-12 Uses, Uncategorized | November 10, 2017

7 New Ways to #GoSwivl

We’ve been hearing from teachers about all the new and ingenious ways they’ve been using Swivl to optimize their classrooms, so we’d like to share with you some our new favorites. These are all great ways to regularly use video to better engage with and help your students. Have you started recording and sharing video re...

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