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ECE Uses, Head Start Uses | November 22, 2019

Achieve C.L.A.S.S. Pre-K Success with Swivl


If your Head Start uses C.L.A.S.S. as its assessment method, Swivl’s tools are designed to provide evidence for each of CLASS’s three major competency areas:  Emotional Support, Classroom Organization, and Instructional Support. Because Swivl’s unique video solution captures everyday interactions between students and t...

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K-12 Uses, Student Uses | November 14, 2019

Student-Centered Video

With so many endless inclusive possibilities to use Swivl, why wouldn’t you want to get your students involved? Their buy-in for using video in class should be as important as their parental consent. Swivl's platform is FERPA/COPPA compliant and while we don't allow students to create a Swivl account unless they are 14 year...

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ECE Uses, Head Start Uses, Multi-Cam, Multi-Marker | November 14, 2019

ECEs get a “Head Start” with Swivl

From in-home observations to flipped classrooms to mentor/ mentee relationships, Swivl is the obvious choice to collect crisp, clear audio and a 360° video recorded view of what is going on in early childhood education (ECE) environments. Swivl’s multi-audio technology allows parents to participate in evaluations providing...

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K-12 Uses | November 14, 2019

PD that doesn’t suck

With Swivl, you can make sure that the one-size-fits-all model of Professional Development is a thing of the past. For example, try using Swivl Live Streaming and Zoom to create virtual PLCs. The combination makes it possible for participants to engage in collaborative working groups wherever they are, saving both time and mo...

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HE Uses | November 14, 2019

Swivl for Teacher Prep Programs and edTPA

From micro-teaching to part-time field experience teaching in local K12 schools, video is an integral part of the teacher candidate’s experience. Swivl is the easy, effective, and sustainable solution you need to support, develop, and assess teaching candidates. Swivl’s enhanced audio and visual tools create higher qualit...

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K-12 Uses | November 14, 2019

Getting Started with a Video Program

You need a plan. Buying a Swivl was the easy part. For a video plan to work it needs strategic and meaningful goals. Implementing a video program requires leadership and vision, so ask yourself: What are my organization’s goals? Who is part of your video collaboration program? How do I increase buy-in? How do I set this up?...

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K-12 Uses | November 13, 2019

Positive Video Recording Practices in Schools

We get it. Recording videos in the classroom can be stressful for students, teachers and parents alike. Swivl is here to help everyone become comfortable with video by offering some suggestions for creating positive recording environments Recruit Willing Teachers and Observers Start your video program small by only asking ...

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HE Uses | November 13, 2019

Swivl for Researchers

Swivl is the smartest and safest investment for research projects and data collection. Swivl’s components work so seamlessly (the robot, app, and platform are intrinsically connected) and you can be certain that Swivl’s AE 256-bit encryption and adherence to FERPA rules will keep your data secure. Because Swivl is already...

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General, Multi-Marker, Swivl | October 18, 2019

Audio and Wireless Microphones

From the very first version of Swivl’s robot we realized how important clear audio is for our customers.  It is not enough to see what the teacher is doing, but it is also important to hear them and in most cases to hear student replies, questions, and conversations so that engagement can be observed and measured.  Most c...

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HE Uses, K-12 Uses, User Stories | October 15, 2019

Grant-led Swivl Initiatives

Measure your grant's success with Swivl There is never a shortage of funding requests for major initiatives to promote student achievement and professional development for faculty. Grant funding can truly change the landscape of any organization and provide incredible opportunities for Admins, teachers, and students alike...

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