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March 30, 2020

edTPA Success with Swivl

The edTPA is a performance-based, subject-specific assessment and support system used by teacher preparation programs throughout the U.S. One of the more difficult tasks of the edTPA is Task 2, the video portion. Getting the edTPA video submission right can be daunting, from creating the right recording environment, to meeting the file submission requirements. What does it take to be successful in creating a great edTPA video?


March 25, 2020

Virtual and Distance Learning

Due to school closures caused by Covid-19 starting in March 2020, educators around the U.S. have had to scramble to get their classrooms ready for remote learning with limited time and advice. Learn how to leverage existing tools within Swivl to support various use-cases: Live Streaming with Zoom, Flipped Classroom, LMS video integration, and more. This webinar will run throughout April 2020 but only this recording shall be hosted here on swivl.com/webinars. For clips from other webinars in this series, we’ll share tidbits to our Twitter: @Swivl.



March 6, 2020

Hong Kong International School Shares Methodologies for Distance Learning

Swivl Co-Founder Vlad Tetelbaum discusses how Hong Kong International School takes on the challenges of distance learning in the wake of the Covid-19 Virus with David Lovelin (High School Principal) and Hamlet Lin (Tech Coach and High School Studies Coordinator) Don’t forget to check out the blog. Follow us on Twitter: @Swivl

February 12, 2020

Instructional Coaching at Waukesha School District

Listen in on our conversation with Instructional Technologies Coordinators from the School District of Waukesha about Instructional Coaching! They share strategies for rolling out a video coaching program, getting buy-in, and refining coaching techniques as a result of implementing an advanced audio and visual data collection tool such as Swivl. Also, check out their blog. Tweet your thoughts, ideas, and tips: @Swivl


July 25, 2019

Student Empowerment Part 2

Authors Rick Jetter, Ph.D. and Rebecca Coda provide the justifications for and strategies to make your organization dependent on student input for genuine transformation felt by everyone from school Administrators to teachers, parents, and community stakeholders.

Learn how allowing student ideas to flourish will change the landscape of your education system.

Resources discussed during the webinar>

Generously provided by Rick Jetter and Rebecca Coda

July 11, 2019

Student Empowerment Part 1

This was one of a two-part webinar series that explores strategies for encouraging more authentic student voice in your class and promoting student agency in the decision making processes that ultimately affect their educational experiences. Big thanks to Trevor Mackenzie! (author: “Dive Into Inquiry”)

Resources discussed during the webinar>

Generously provided by Trevor Mackenzie

June 20, 2019

Customizing Video Observation Frameworks into Swivl Web

Do you implement the frameworks of Jim Knight, Charlotte Danielson, Diane Sweeney, Robert Marzano, etc? Ever wonder how to turn these frameworks into actionable video coaching templates on Swivl cloud? We’ll show you how current Swivl team users who already use these frameworks for their video coaching process.

Our three panelists share their experiences and some best practices in cultivating and organizing best practice libraries of videos for their educators. Panelists: Kelley Clark, PD Coordinator, Dodge City Public Schools, KS; Tracey McCormick, PD Coordinator, The New America School, CO; and Kelly Leibfried, Peer Evaluator, Orono Public Schools, MN.

Resources discussed during the webinar>

Generously provided by our panelists

March 18, 2019

Exploring Language Acquisition Skills and Instruction through Video Observation

If you teach, research, or otherwise serve students in the following areas, this webinar is for you: foreign languages, ELL, indigenous language immersion and preservation, or speech pathology. Panelists will be joining us from Grapevine Colleyville ISD (TX, USA), Boise State University (ID, USA), and Navitas English College (NSW, AU).

Resources discussed during the webinar>

Generously provided by our panelists

October 30, 2018

Swivl’s Role in Research

We were joined by researchers from: University of Alaska-Fairbanks, University of Illinois-Chicago, Michigan State University, University of Minnesota-Twin Cities to discuss how video is an effective data collection tool in their work and how Swivl helps them meet their project goals.

Summer 2018

Summer Insights with Swivl Users

Session One, June 21, 2018
We explored the topic of ‘Getting Buy-In’ for using Swivl in your organization with special guest panelists from: Alaska Statewide Mentor Project, Genesee Valley Educational Partnership and GreatHearts Academies.

Session Two, July 10, 2018
Our special guest panelists from: Alaska Statewide Mentor Project, Genesee Valley Educational Partnership and GreatHearts Academies explained how they manage their Swivl hardware logistics and distribution of Swivl software licenses with their Swivl Team Accounts.
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Session Three, July 24, 2018
Keiko Herrick from the Alaska Statewide Mentor Project and Cammie Passey from GreatHearts Academies shared their ideas about categorizing, organizing, and building best practice libraries of videos for their Swivl team users.

Session Four, August 8, 2018
Our last webinar of Summer 2018 focused on everything you may have missed over the past few months. We launched new product updates such as: Bookmarking, Screen Recording, and Speech Analysis. We also introduced a brand new Support site and more options for you to get the tech support you need to be successful with Swivl!

March 29, 2018

Short-term observation cycles

We chatted with some amazing educators and PD facilitators from Great Hearts Academies to learn how they are creating innovative PD opportunities using Swivl. Learn about: short-term observation cycles and why they are effective; retaining and supporting your best teachers with video coaching; and how to engage students with special accommodations using Swivl Live.


November 14, 2017

Hack Your School

Principal Joe Childs shares “How to Hack Your School for Success” and keep up with students in and out of the classroom.

November 2, 2017

Improve your teacher education program

Learn how to improve your teacher education program – a conversation with Helen Chilton and Wendy McCracken


June 8, 2017

Advancing Teacher Preparation with Video

Two leaders from Texas Tech University and Kansas State University describe the innovative programs they’ve developed and the profound impact adding video as an observation, coaching, and evaluation tool has made on their students.

May 24, 2017

21st Century Skills

Jeremy Shaw is an Instructional Technology Coach in Snow Hill, NC, who is presenting on using technology and small group lesson formats to build 21st Century skills in students.