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Other | January 14, 2011

Break Through

Last week was fun and full of activity with CES. But this week has been our week to break through and get noticed. Our story has broken on several major tech blogs and news channels. There are too many to mention here (just type Satarii  into Google and you’ll see what we mean), but some of the biggest highlights this week i...

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Other | January 10, 2011

What Its Like To Go “Gorilla” At CES

Otherwise titled “what its like to face your fears as an introvert!” Yes, we went to CES Friday to promote our campaign. No booth. We went “gorilla” style.  Which means that you tell anyone who’ll stop to listen what you’re working on. We were armed with an iPad with our videos loaded (Thanks Mr. Jobs! Not sure how...

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Other | January 2, 2011

CES 2011

We’ll be at CES this year doing roving gorilla demos of our product for anyone that is interested on January 7th.  If you would like to see our prototypes in action and talk to us about our campaign, send us a note at info@satarii.com and we’ll coordinate a meet up....

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Other | January 2, 2011

Crowdfunding As A Market Research Method

So far we are enjoying the experience of unveiling what we are working on to a wider audience and broadening the feedback we get on our ideas.  While we had been open about our development within our network of friends and advisors throughout our process, this is another level.  And as we are finding, there is nothing quite li...

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Other | December 27, 2010

Why Video?

We hope everybody’s holiday is going well!  Our campaign on IndieGoGo continues to go great. We’ve reached 25% of our goal in under a week! We’re playing a bit of catch up with our blog since we weren’t publishing through the entire process.  So we’ll be taking some trips back in time on occasion to share with you h...

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Other | December 24, 2010

Great Holiday Start!

Our crowdfunding campaign on IndieGoGo has gotten off to a great start. Our family, friends and colleagues have gotten us to over 20% of our goal in just 2 days! We have 59 to go, so we’re well on our way towards our goal.  We are hugely thankful to them all and will repay that generosity with more drive and effort to make th...

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Other | December 22, 2010

Live on IndieGoGo

We’ve just officially launched our crowdsourcing campaign on IndieGoGo. Check it out here: http://igg.me/p/14697?a=64981&i=shlk This is the culmination of a lot of work for us. And not only to get the campaign materials together.  We’ve been working on the Satarii Star product and technology for a long time and we are...

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